Cool Picture stuff


I got some cool and funny pics here so check em out!  Look to the bar at the left to go to more pictures too!

My dream guitar

This is the best guitar there is. this is a Les Paul made by GIBSON. NOT epiphone, GIBSON.
My lizard Strat

This is my lizard named Strat. I had one before, but he died. I think mines a girl but i am not sure. She's a mean one, huh?

A man burning

This is what i want to do to Sam. Then he'd die.HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
This is a photo of of school's students of the months!

These are the GOOD students. If you look close, you can see a stoner named Jerrod B.He's at the very top and second to the left.  This guy'll remind u to STAY IN SCHOOL!

Jessica Fischer

Also known as the naked half goat, jessica fischer has been known to be lethal. She has frizzy hair which you know what that means.  SHES A SMART GOAT THOUGH!!!
Does this guy look familiar?

Maybe because it is Sam as a child.  Facing many challenges growing up Sam still keeps proving the doctors wrong.  Sam looks like this today except even more retarded.  But yet he keeps his smile.  Even if he wins, he's still retarded.

He's watching...

Whether you like it or not, He knows who you are, where you live.  His name is Sam.

If u ever feel angry, don't do something you'll regret. Just take it out on Sam.