Some more pictures...


Its done and u shud get a few laffs out of it...

Sam again
Megan Baustian when she grows up!

My favortite types of guitars

I'm addicted to this..
This mighty creature is proud, his name is SAM!

BAAAAHHH! says Jessica F.
Jeff Mans ^^^

My squad over Sam's house...
Sam today...

A serious face of my lizard Strat
This is how fat Reid V. is

This is me if i were a cat
This cracked me up...yeah...

This is one of my favorite bands, Green Day

Johnny Depp's a big loser!!!

My lizard when she wasn't talking to me...
She's bashful sometimes

SOCOM is a cool game!
this is my collection of yahts in the harbor of San Juan

this is a rock a iroquoi native named after me
it looks like sunset but thats lots of pollutant gases filling the air

this is a close up of inbetween my toes
The school house of Cloverdale(little, aint it?)

my toes again, right? Nope its in my nose

My lizard when she wasn't talking to me...
Thats our porch in winter

They named the rock Ivanna Lottaduel

once again you came all the way down here...:)