Here you can see some cool and wacky pictures and see jokes about Sam S.!AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD buy awesome wigs for your little toes!justkidding


I hate cats but the ones that act like humans are awesome!  This one acts like it just saw Sam naked!


Do you know the guy Sam S.?  The psycho killer of the 9th grade.  He's claimed 2 lives to date and plans to add to his list.  I have done some dirty and soon you can see his hit list.  Stay tuned!

Hey hairball!!!!

HOWZ IT GOIN HAIRBALL!!???!!J/k  yeah after this year ill still make fun of ya on here!lol

Reid V.

Reid's a disturbed boy.  For those who don't know him, he can get real scary, he does drugs and anything he can find.  Seriously, hell take little bugs and grind them up and snort them.  I think he's planning sometin...

Sam's inner beauty

This is as good as Sam gets.  inside and out.


i think i spelt that right...

yeah hes cool sam ur as fem as him!!!lol

Sam is a human too, but if you see him feel free to kill him with a pipe.