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Hey its me, for those who don't know me, take a step into my world.  This is pretty much a representation of me.  So if u don't like it, y would i care what ya think if ya dont like me, huh?  But if ya do my greatest appreciation is due to you.  So enjoy the website.


This whole feakin website is for you people.  I try my best to make you laugh and hopefully you'll get a few.  Ya know i got better things to do then do this thing ya know.  I could be... ya 

Special Thanks

The pictures that you see on here are mostly from briana so if you see her tell her she's doing a great job and to give me more pictures.

The death-clock tells no lies about when u die!
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A freakin awesome free matrix game. It's cool check it out.
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If you can read this you dont need glasses