Hey WOW its actually updated!!!!!

It's obviously been a while since this has been new and I apologize for being so freakin lazy.

I figured since school is about to start i have to get the lead out and start to do things again so here's my site all spit clean.

So have fun looking around and i hope this time i keep it updated by every week and new again by months.

This probably wouldnt happen if i didn't have Briana S. helpin me out with pictures.  I guess shes like my Prozac.

School is here

Whether we like it or not, it is.  We just have to face it as a fact or else we'll be living in a horrible mood the rest of the year.  So put down the remote, get off the freakin couch and lose the 50 lbs. you gained doing chip crunches, and get ready and for people in my grade, i heard 10th grade was the easiest so it'll be no sweat.

You guys are doing great with the poll there's alot of hits and itll stay up there until i got enuff hits.  capeash?

Free Web poll for your Web site - 1hwy.com

Yes i got rid of the comments.  Don't really need them cuz no one comments.  Anyways, ill be putting comments here instead.  I won't mean to offend anyone so suck an ice cube.

The New Stuff

Everything is new now so enjoy.  It feels like getiing into a bed with new sheets doesnt it?  Like biting into a new kind of sandwich or seeing a new color.  wow.

THE place 4 stuff like s8boarding and etc...


I know ive made fun of sam in the past but thats all done now.  Ive seen the error of my ways and ive decided to stop.  Im the tornado and thats sam's house hahahaha!

send a pic to me!!!

How does a bus driver get out of the bus and close the door?